The Majlis Dubai – first and finest camel milk café merges the best of modern Dubai with a blend of Middle Eastern culture. Enjoy Emirati hospitality in a lavish Arabian, yet modern atmosphere.

Finest camel milk, the mystic secret of the Bedouins, refines our private label coffee blend, freshly brewed with specially roasted Ethiopian coffee beans. Served as Camelccino or Camellatte with an exquisite Al nassma-first & finest camel milk - praline, our coffee creations invite to indulge in the unique flavors of the region.

Coffee lovers will also find flavoured coffees, Turkish coffee, Arabic green coffee, "Qahwah", served from a traditional Dalla coffee pot and other characteristic beverages from the Middle East.

A selection of authentic cold and carbonated juices, made from dry flowers like the "Karkadeh" or regional teas like "Zatar" or "Merina" provide an exceptionally refreshing taste.

Whether it’s muffins, sandwiches or delicious sweets offered in one of our numerous all-day a la carte finger food menus, all The Majlis Dubai baked goods are made out of camel milk.

Connoisseurs of sweet delights will immediately spot Al nassma chocolate – first and finest camel milk chocolate. The Majlis Dubai offers the whole range from the bars, finest pralines as well as the renowned Al nassma hollow camel figures  –  a true pleasure right on the spot or as a gift to the loved ones at home.

Café Locations

Dubai Mall Café

Dubai Mall Café

Located at 'The Souk' of The Dubai Mall our café offers a relaxing oasis, blended with a unique Arabic sense of place within the world-famous shopping mall. Characteristic Emirati hospitality offers a warm welcome and provides a refreshing pause any time of the day.

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Jumeirah Café

Jumeirah Café

The Jumeirah Grand Mosque is the only mosque in Dubai which is open to the public 6 days a week and dedicated to receiving non-Muslim guests. This cultural atmosphere mixed with our extraordinary hospitality will provide you a memorable, de‑stressing visit that you can combine with a visit to the Mosque operated by the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding.

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Desert Camp Café

Desert Camp Café

Arabian Adventures - Dubai's market-leading tourism provider – takes you deep into the heart of the desert and invites you to a magical and memorable evening at a traditional Bedouin-style camp. The Majlis Dubai takes part in this extraordinary cultural experience and offers camel milk ice cream, delectable sweets as well as Camelccino and Camellatte in an air-conditioned café.

Visit Desert Camp Café as part of the 'Sundowner' tour

Camel milk

A legendary source of life in the desert

Camel Milk Benefits
  • Camel milk and dates were the traditional and healthy staple diet of the Bedouins until the mid 20th century. This diet provided them with all proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates required to face the harsh desert life
  • Naturally low in fat with a fat content approx. 50% lesser than cow's milk
  • Rich in minerals, calcium and natural vitamin C – much higher than is present in cow's milk
  • Some reports suggest that it is easier to digest with lactose intolerance
  • No known allergies to camel milk
  • Natural taste, not as distinctive as goat's and sheep's milk

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